Northern Adirondacks
Lake Placid and High Peaks

Statistics and data in the following references:

Source: Lost Ski Areas of the Northern Adirondacks, by Jeremy Davis, copyright 2014, Hillside Press, SC

Adirondack Loj Practice Slope, North Elba, 1940s-ca.1957
Alpine Lodge, Lake Placid, 1948-1968
Dream Hill, Lake Placid, 1945-1971
Fawn Ridge, Lake Placid. 1940-1977
Hotel Marcy, Lake Placid, 1950-1967
Kobl Mountain, Lake Placid, 1958-1959
Lake Placid Club, Lake Placid, 1936-1945
Lake Placid Ski Center: See Scott's Cobble
McKenzie Mt., North Elba, Proposed, but never built 1954-1956
Mt. Whitney, Lake Placid, 1942-1983, 1989, 1993-1994
Old McDonald's Farm, Lake Placid, 1954-1957
Scott's Cobble, North Elba, 1938-1973
Ski Top, Lake Placid, 1940-1941
Stevens House Slope, Lake Placid, 1937-1949
Timberdoodle Lodge, Lake Placid, 1940s
Whiteface Inn, Lake Placid, mid-40s to early 50s Not in LSA-NA
North Country School, North Elba, Presumably still open
Scott's Oquaga (Christie Hill)