Bucktown Hill, Massena

Located at Jct. E. Orvis St. and Rt. 37

John D'Arienzo says: Bucktown hill had a vertical drop of about 250 feet. The rope tow was powered by an old car/truck. The car/truck chassis was enclosed in a small shed and the rope was wound around a tire rim attached to the axle. I believe the engine was placed in gear and the throttle was wired open to keep the rpm's up. I have fond memories of skiing and sliding on that hill around 1960.

Deborah Green Fent says: Located between Jefferson School at the intersection of Bayley Road and East Orvis St., but closer to East Orvis St. on Rt. 37. I'm not sure where the access to the ski area was located. I would guess Bucktown Rd. off of Highland Rd. (East Orvis changed to Highland once you crossed Rt.37).