Ed Bunkoff

Seemingly born to ski and adventurous at heart, a young Ed Bunkoff knew well the countless hours necessary to enjoy his sport. Employed by General Electric as a draftsman, he joined others who worked there to form the Schenectady Winter Sports Club. In these times, the group ascended the numerous upstate New York trails know as "walk-ups".  

This group became well known in North Creek when the ski trains began to roll from Schenectady in 1934.

The popular "truck" up Barton Mines Road to "Cloud" and "Pete Gay" offered large vertical without the climbs they accepted before.


In 1935, across from the North Creek train station, Ed witnessed the first New York rope tow running off the rear wheel of an old Buick. Although short in length and serving a slope with less than much integrity, he and the others soon realized the possibilities. Thoughts of more skiing, closer to home and without the climb... what a combination. With this, he begins the quest to meet the criteria.

For the 1937 ski season, the first of the "local" areas arrived. Found on Witter Road, SNOW HAVEN, operated by Ralph Spring made a strong showing with good elevation on a northeastern exposure. Ralph set-up three rope tows and lighted the snow for night skiing.